An Open Letter from Australian Historians

Climate-linked Fires Summer 2020

An open letter from Australian historians

Drought and Bushfire Crisis

As Australian historians who feel deeply connected to this country and its people, we extend our deepest sympathies to those who have suffered, and who continue to suffer, through the drought and bushfire crisis that afflicts large parts of Australia.

We deplore the loss of human and animal life, the loss of natural and built heritage, and the damage and destruction wrought on places loved by Australians of all backgrounds.

Our history tells us that Australia is a fragile continent which has always demanded respect from its custodians. For at least 65,000 years the first Australians have cared for country sacred to them, a land that embodied their very being. They have used cultural burning to rejuvenate and nurture the land, and to reduce the intensity of bushfires. Their deep knowledge must inform the effective management of our precious environment.

In its modern history Australia has reinvented itself. Federation, post-war reconstruction and the economic and social reforms of the 1970s and 1980s present just three such examples of national recalibration. History provides us with cautionary tales of failure, but it also offers us examples of the Australian people rising to the formidable challenges of living well and justly in a harsh but beautiful country.   

Unfortunately, Australia’s relatively limited action on climate change represents a continuation of poor environmental practice. Alongside many achievements in the sustainable use of our natural resources, species extinction, soil erosion, polluted waterways and introduced pests are just some of the many legacies of our historical failure to pay this country the respect it demands.

As historians we are well aware of Australia’s long bushfire history, and can confidently say that the scale, longevity and intensity of the fire events in southern and eastern Australia so far this season are unprecedented in Australia’s European history. Fifteen years ago, increased fire risk in Australia was predicted as an outcome of climate change. Reduced rainfall and increased temperatures associated with anthropogenic climate change have indeed contributed significantly to the size and ferocity of this season’s fires.

We must change while we can, and more rapidly than ever before. We acknowledge that no action Australia takes on its own can resolve climate change, but we do not accept that as an argument that we cannot, or should not, do more.

Australia can wield considerable influence as a good global citizen – as it has on many occasions in the past when it has supported collective action on common problems. Supporting and encouraging drastic global emissions reductions, will involve acting in ways that are morally responsible, both in a domestic and international context. We have done so in the past which has resulted in such achievements as negotiating the Madrid Protocol to protect Antarctica and the Montreal Protocol to protect the ozone layer. We call on our political leaders, of all political persuasions, to do more on the international stage and at home to grapple with the formidable challenges posed by anthropogenic climate change.

We also call on all levels of government to continue the Australian tradition of looking after the vulnerable. Just as this country was a pioneer in social policy in the early twentieth century, through such world-changing innovations as the living wage, so must it act generously and creatively in the early twenty-first to protect and support those ravaged by bushfire and drought, as well as those workers affected by the necessary urgent transition to renewable energy.

As historians, we reject arguments that these problems are too big for Australia. We are a wealthy, first-world nation with an abundance of scientific knowledge and talent, and a proud history of innovation. Our past includes many instances of national mobilisation for the collective good, in both war and peace, and of innovation in science and policy that has been transformative at home and abroad.

We acknowledge that huge investment will be required to move to a zero emissions future and to protect Australians from future drought and fire events. But we also point to the rapid deployment of railways in the nineteenth century, to electrification in the twentieth, and to the development of systems ranging from sewerage to digital technologies as examples of previous rapid adjustment and adaptation.

Our present challenges are not beyond us if we act now.

(If you wish to add your name to this open letter from Australian historians, please do so via this form by 31 January 2020)


Professor Lynette Russell AM, Monash University

Associate Professor Martin Crotty, University of Queensland

Professor Frank Bongiorno AM, Australian National University

Emeritus Professor Heather Goodall, University of Technology Sydney

Emeritus Professor Tom Griffiths AO, Australian National University

Emeritus Professor Libby Robin, Australian National University

Professor Robert Pascoe, Victoria University

Professor Jane Lydon, University of Western Australia 

Manning Clark Professor Angela Woollacott, Australian National University

Dr Ruth Morgan, Monash University

Associate Professor Andrea Gaynor, University of Western Australia 

Professor Ann McGrath AM, Australian National University

Professor Andrew May, University of Melbourne

Professor Alistair Thomson, Monash University

Professor Christina Twomey, Monash University

Dr Anna Clark, Australian National University

Dr Jane Carey, University of Wollongong

Dr Billy Griffiths, Deakin University

Professor Phillip Deery, Victoria University

Dr Julie Kimber, Swinburne University

Professor Maryrose Casey, Flinders University

Dr Ben Silverstein, Australian National University

Professor Penelope Edmonds, Flinders University

Emeritus Professor Iain McCalman AO, University of Sydney

Dr Laura Rademaker, Australian National University

Associate Professor Kate Fullagar, Macquarie University

Associate Professor Celmara Pocock, University of Southern Queensland

Associate Professor Paul Sendziuk, Adelaide University

Dr Jodi Frawley

Professor Lyndall Ryan AM, University of Newcastle

Emeritus Professor Shurlee Swain, Australian Catholic University

Associate Prof Melissa Bellanta, Australian Catholic University

Associate Prof Nell Musgrove, Australian Catholic University

Dr Jon Piccini, Australian Catholic University

Dr Lorinda Cramer, Australian Catholic University

Dr Jennifer Carpenter, Australian Catholic University

Dr Ellen Warne, Australian Catholic University

Dr Benjamin Mountford, Australian Catholic University

Dr Michael Thompson, Australian Catholic University

Ms Naomi Wolfe, Australian Catholic University

Mr Daniel May, Australian National University

Emeritus Professor Ann Curthoys, Australian National University

Professor Richard Broome, La Trobe University

Dr Leonie Stevens, Monash University

Associate Professor Katharine Massam, University of Divinity

Professor Martin Thomas, Australian National University

Dr Jennifer Caruso, University of Adelaide 

Dr Benjamin T. Jones, Central Queensland University

Professor Alison Tokita, Monash University

Dr Katti Williams, University of Melbourne

Dr Hilary Howes, Australian National University

Professor Megan Cassidy-Welch, University of Queensland

Associate Professor Glen O’Brien, University of Divinity

Associate Professor Liz Conor, La Trobe University

Professor Catharine Coleborne, University of Newcastle

Dr Damien Williams

Dr Carolyn Rasmussen, University of Melbourne

Dr Michael Davis, University of Sydney

Dr Tamson Pietsch

Dr Kerrie Handasyde, University of Divinity

Professor Noah Riseman, Australian Catholic University

Professor Aaron Corn, National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia

Professor Janet McCalman AC, University of Melbourne

Professor Joy Damousi, University of Melbourne

Professor Melanie Oppenheimer, Flinders University

Dr. Romain Fathi, Flinders University

Dr Julie McIntyre, University of Newcastle

Dr Kate Ariotti, University of Newcastle

Dr Fiona Fraser, Australian National University

Professor Victorian Haskins, University of Newcastle

Associate Professor David Lee, University of New South Wales

Dr Effie Karageorgos, University of Newcastle

Associate Professor Tiffany Shellam, Deakin University

Dr Karen Schamberger, Independent 

Emeritus Professor David Carment AM, Charles Darwin University

Ms Deborah Lee-Talbot, Deakin University

Dr Naomi Parry, Independent

Professor Katie Holmes, La Trobe University

Professor Fiona Paisley, Griffith University

Dr Alessandro Antonello, Flinders University

Dr Julianne Schultz, Griffith University

Dr James Dunk, University of Sydney

Dr Jordy Silverstein, University of Melbourne

Dr Margaret Cook, University of Sunshine Coast

Dr Alexis Bergantz, RMIT University

Honey Dower, University of Tasmania

Associate Professor Rebe Taylor, University of Tasmania

Professor Robin Prior, University of Adelaide

Associate Professor Richard White, University of Sydney

Dr Chris Salisbury, University of Queensland

Dr Gemmia Burden

Dr Bronwyn Batten

Associate Professor Paula Michaels, Monash University

Ms Jennifer Bird, Australian National University

Dr Gwyn McClelland, Monash University

Dr Alison Holland, Macquarie University

Dr Helen MacDonald, University of Melbourne

Mr Rowan Homes, University of Technology Sydney

Dr Scott McKinnon, University of Wollongong

Dr Karen O’Brien, University of Sydney

Distinguished Professor Shaunnagh Dorsett, University of Technology Sydney

Dr Rachel Franks, University of Newcastle

Associate Professor Nancy Cushing, University of Newcastle

Professor Erik Eklund, Federation University Australia

Dr Jayne Persian, University of Southern Queensland 

Dr Ana Stevenson, University of the Free State

Associate Prof Bruce Buchan, Griffith University

Dr Frances Flanagan, University of Sydney

Dr Denise Cook, Deakin University

Professor David Christian, Macquarie University

Dr Zora Simic, University of New South Wales

Neal Quillinan, All Hallows’ School – Brisbane

Professor Anna Haebich, Curtin University

Emeritus Professor Desley Deacon, Australian National University

Dr Emily O’Gorman, Macquarie University

Kate Davison, University of Melbourne

Dr Kathleen Neal, Monash University

Professor David Lowe, Deakin University

Dr Mike Jones, Australian National University

Dr Rowan Cahill, University of Wollongong

Dr Cameron Muir

Dr Lauren Pikó, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Julia Martinez, University of Wollongong

Professor Michell Arrow, Macquarie University

Dr Jillian Beard, Griffith University

Dr Annmarie Reid, Flinders University

Dr Bethany Phillips-Peddlesden, University of Melbourne

Dr Alexandra Roginski, Deakin University

Dr Lynette Finch

Aileen Marwung Walsh, Australian National University

Dr Evan Smith, Flinders University

Ms Anna Kent, Deakin University

Erin Andrews, Education Queensland

Dr Andonis Piperoglou, Griffith University 

Dr André Brett, University of Wollongong

Dr Linda Wade, All Hallows’ School

Dr Sophie Couchman, Professional historian and curator

Leon J. Lyell, Australian Catholic University

Dr Joy McCann, Australian National University

Professor Kama Maclean, University of New South Wales

Professor Zoë Laidlaw, University of Melbourne

Dr Stephen Gapps, History Council of NSW and University of Newcastle

Professor Warwick Anderson, University of Sydney

Emeritus Professor Marilyn Lake AO, University of Melbourne

Dr Simone Battiston, Swinburne University of Technology

Dr Chelsea Barnett, University of Technology Sydney

Dr Brigid Hains, Aeon, Melbourne

Dr Lucia Clayton Martinez, University of Western Australia

Carmel Pascale, University of Adelaide

Emeritus Professor Jenny Gregory AM, University of Western Australia

Professor Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney

Dr Janis Wilton OAM, University of New England

Professor Hiroya Sugita, Kanagawa University

Dr Bruce Dennett, Macquarie University

Dr Kylie Andrews, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Gregory Smithers, Virginia Commonwealth University and University of Hull

Dr Rani Kerin, Australian National University

Dr Catherine Bishop, Macquarie University

Dr Stephen Townsend, University of Queensland

Dr Darius von Güttner Sporzynski, University of Melbourne

Dr Niki Francis, Freelance historian

Dr Joel Barnes, University of Technology Sydney

Emeritus Professor  Roy MacLeod, University of Sydney 

Professor Hans Pols, University of Sydney

Adjunct Professor Raymond Evans, Griffith University and University of Queensland

Dr Yves Rees, La Trobe University

Dr James Lesh, University of Sydney

Professor Nicolas Rasmussen, University of New South Wales

Ms Gemma Lucy Smart, University of Sydney

Mr Leonard Janiszewski, Macquarie University

Dr Carla Pascoe Leahy, University of Melbourne

Dr Nicola Cousen

Dr Shirley Cripps

Dr Paul Kiem, University of Technology Sydney

Elizabeth Roberts-Pedersen, University of Newcastle

Frieda Moran, University of Tasmania

Dr Iva Glisic, Australian National University

Associate Professor David Andrew Roberts

Charmaine Foley, BHIP MH

Dr Michael Kilmister, University of Newcastle

Karen Hughes, Swinburne University

Dr Imogen Wegman, University of Tasmania

Ben Mercer, Australian National University

Professor Hamish Maxwell-Stewart, University of Tasmania

Anthony Page, University of Tasmania

Michael Pearson, Australian Catholic University

Dr Valerie Djenidi, University of Newcastle

Jordan Beavis, University of Newcastle

Associate Professor Amanda Laugesen, Australian National University

Dr Robert Clarke, Independent

Ms Michelle Staff, Australian National University

Dr Susan Bartie, University of Tasmania

Dr Jennifer Bowen, University of Melbourne

Robert Mason, Griffith University

Dr. Harry Van Issum, Woppaburra, Griffith University

Professor Patricia Grimshaw, University of Melbourne

Professor Mark Edele, University of Melbourne

Dr Wendy Madsen, CQ University

Dr Helen M. Davies, University of Melbourne

Dr Helen Bones, Western Sydney University

Professor Sarah Ferber, University of Wollongong

Hollie Barclay

Meg Foster, University of New South Wales

Janis Hanley, Griffith University

Professor Rae Frances, Australian National University

Dr Amy Clarke, University of the Sunshine Coast

Dr Leigh Dale

Dr James Keating, University of New South Wales

Dr. Aydogan Kars, Monash University

Dr. Julie Suares

Nadia Rhook, University of Western Australia

Dr Juliet Flesch, University of Melbourne

Dr Cathy Curtis

Ingeborg van Teeseling, Australia Explained

Carol Corless

Dr Sarah Midford, La Trobe University

Margaret Anderson

Beth Marsden, La Trobe University

Dr Kate Laing

Shirley Strachan, AHA, PHV, ANZSHM, ATMS

Dr Jeannine Baker, Macquarie University

Dr Janis Sheldrick

Fiona Poulton, MPHA, Way Back When Consulting Historians

Ian I Bowrey, University of Newcastle

William Lewis, Haileybury

Dr Julia Miller, CAPA The Global Education Network

Christine Vickers, La Trobe University

Lucy Bracey, Way Back When Consulting Historians

Dr Malcolm Allbrook, Australian National University

Ms Ebony Nilsson, University of Sydney

Adjunct Professor Russell McGregor, James Cook University

Malcolm McKinnon

Professor Robert Reynolds, Macquaire University

Nathan Gardner, University of Melbourne

David Roth, Australian National University

Dr Christine de Matos, University of Notre Dame

Dr Nikki Henningham, Australian Women’s Archives Project

Dr Samantha Owen, Curtin University

Dr Alice Garner, University of Melbourne

Dr Wendy Michaels, University of Newcastle

John Hayman, University of Melbourne

Tim Mansueto

Brenda Kittelty, University of New England

Dr Stephanie James, Flinders University

Dr Christopher Waters, Deakin University

Associate Professor Gwenda Tavan, La Trobe University

Dr James Bennett, University of Newcastle

Professor Martin Shanahan, University of South Australia

Katherine Sheedy, Way Back When Consulting Historians

Ailsa Brackley du Bois, Independent

Dr Rebecca Jones, State Library of New South Wales

Dr Una McIlvenna, University of Melbourne

Sarah Kennedy Bates, Harvard University

Dr. Susan Walter

Emma Kluge, University of Sydney

Dr Patricia Holt, Independent Scholars Association of Australia

Stefan Petrow, University of Tasmania

Bronwen Algate

Graham Hannaford, Federation University

David Jefferson

Associate Professor Bruce Pennay OAM, Charles Sturt University

Dr Alexey Antoshin, Ural Federal University

Ms Honae Cuffe, University of Newcastle

Keith Rathbone, Macquarie University

Dr Rae Luckie, University of New England

Dr Lucas Jordan, Visiting Fellow Australian National University & Western English Language School

Professor Shirley Randell AO, Independent Scholars Association of Australia

Peter Monteath, Flinders University

Pauline Georgelin, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor David Lee, University of New South Wales Canberra

Professor Clare Wright, La Trobe University

Professor Michael Leach, Swinburne University of Technology

Dr Brian Reid, Historical Society of the Northern Territory

Dr Juanita Kwok

Dr Neville Buch, Professional Historians Association (Queensland)

Distinguished Honorary Professor Carroll Pursell, Australian National University

Dr Elizabeth Kwan

Dr Anthea Hyslop

Dr Louise Blake, Independent

Geoff Speirs, MPHA South Australia

Associate Professor Georgine Clarsen, University of Wollongong

Jacqueline Bird

Professor Kate Darian-Smith, University of Tasmania

Ilona Fekete

Anna Temby, University of Queensland

Sofie Onorato, University of Melbourne

Ron Lambert, Federation University

Dr Amanda Lourie

Briony Neilson, University of Sydney

Sarah Rood, Way Back When Consulting Historians

Brett Holman, University of Canberra

Daniel Rothenburg, University of Tuebingen

Matthew Haultain-Gall, Université Catholique de Louvain

Tracy Ryan, Professional Historians Association (Queensland)

Associate Professor Bobbie Oliver, University of Western Australia

Dr Audrey Peyper, University of Tasmania

Dr Robyn Kellock Floyd

Dr Rosemary Kerr

David Harris, La Trobe University

Dr Chiaki Ajioka

Dr Ruth Ford, La Trobe University

Leith Davis Western Sydney University

Dr Simon Sleight, King’s College London

Professor Michael A Mcdonnell, University of Sydney

Dr Eleanor Robin

Dr. Janine Rizzetti

Dr Jayne Regan

Associate Professor Fay Anderson, Monash University

Associate Professor Frances Steel, University of Wollongong

Julie Hotchin, Australian National University

Jill Barnard, MPHA, Living Histories

Dr. Vipul Singh, University of Delhi India

Professor Paul Turnbull, Universities of Tasmania, Queensland and the Australian National University

Professor Simon Ville, University of Wollongong

Professor Nicholas Brown, Australian National University

Dr Eureka Henrich, University of Hertfordshire

Abigail Belfrage, Consulting Historian

Greg Buchanan, University of Tasmania

Dr Tim Causer, University College London

Professor Kate Hunter, Victoria University of Wellington

Hon. Professor Cameron Hazlehurst, Humanities Research Centre, Australian National University

Professor James Walter, Monash University

Fiona Gatt, Deakin University

Dr Philip Roberts

Diane Deane, Independent historian

Dr Dorothy Kass, Macquarie University

Jane Ison, NFHS and researcher

Sarah Paul

Andrew Dillon, Australian National University

Fleur Goldthorpe, Australian National University

Dr Nicholas Ferns, Monash University

Dr Rose Searby

Dr Marguerita Stephens

Dr Gonzalo Villanueva

Dr David Stephens, Editor, Honest History website, Canberra

Frances Clarke, University of Sydney

Emily Gallagher, Australian National University

Dr Skye Krichauff, University of Adelaide

Dr Julie Rickwood, Australian National University

Dr Amanda Harris, University of Sydney

Emma Russell, History At Work

Jennifer McCoy, Federation University

Dr Karen Downing, Australian National University

Professor Matthew Spriggs, Australian National University

Professor Margaret Jolly, Australian National University

Professor Robert Cribb, Australian National University

Dr Julia Hurst, University of Melbourne

Dr Carolyn Collins, University of Adelaide

Daniel Oakman, Australian National University

Sophie Loy-Wilson, University of Sydney

Dr Mike Harding, University of Adelaide

Anna Little

John Little

Aditya Balasubramanian, Australian National University

Shayne Brown, University of Sydney

Julie Hennessey, Head of History and Executive member of Queensland History Teachers’ Association

Sue Cawcutt

Dr Isobelle Barrett Meyering, Macquarie University

Dr Alexander Cook, Australian National University

Dr Kyle Harvey, University of Tasmania

Joshua Black, Australian National University

Jacqui Donegan, Australian National University

Sonia Jennings, MPHA, Living Histories Professional Historians

Louella McCarthy, University of Wollongong

Hollie Pich, University of Sydney

Associate Professor Anne Brewster, University of New South Wales

Josh Newham, Australian National University

Amy Thomas, University of Technology Sydney

Ms Portia Dilena, La Trobe University

Dr Ethan Blue, University of Western Australia

Dr Prudence Flowers, Flinders University

Professor Dennis Altman, AM La Trobe University

Liz Downes, La Trobe University

Dr Rebecca J. Sheehan, Macquarie University

Jaclyn Hopkins, La Trobe University

Mary Sheehan, MPHA, Living Histories, Professional Historians

Professor Bruce Scates, FASSA Australian National University

Marian Quartly, Monash University

Elizabeth Ingleson

Brian Everingham

Dr Mia Martin Hobbs, University of Melbourne

Associate Professor Clare Corbould, Deakin University

Sara Buttsworth, University of Auckland

Dr Kiera Lindsey, University of Technology Sydney

Dr. Anthony Ashbolt, University of Wollongong

Ron Lambert, Federation University

Roger Bell, University of New South Wales

Michael Auty

Dr Lee-Ann Monk, La Trobe University

Associate Professor Helen Gardner, Deakin University 

Gail Bailey

Professor Timothy Minchin, La Trobe University

Ms Elizabeth Offer, La Trobe University

Francesca Beddie. Professional Historians Australia

Derek John Phillippo

Mia Sostaric

Paul Ashton, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Carolyn Strange, Australian National University

Dr Rowan Howitt, University of Sydney

Associate Professor Giacomo Lichtner, Victoria University of Wellington

Alana Piper, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Robert Crawford, RMIT University

Emeritus Professor David Garrioch, Monash University

Dr Emma Gleadhill, Macquarie University

Suzanne Collins

Christine Ferrari, Monash University

Elizabeth Muldoon, University of Melbourne

Kimberley Meagher, MPHA Victoria

Alvine Mulligan

Dr Vannessa Hearman, Charles Darwin University

Sally Rossiter

Professor Katherine Hermes, Central CT State University

Victor S Kaufman, Francis Marian University

Tom Buchanan, University of Adelaide

Paul Sandringham MA

Associate Professor Tomoko Akami, Australian National University

Peter Hooker, University of Newcastle

Dr Annette Salt

Dr Deborah Wilson, University of Tasmania

Janice Pilditch, Waikato University

Kathryn Whye

Deborah Tout-Smith, Museums Victoria

Dr David Young

Ms Penny Harrison, University of the Sunshine Coast

Rachel Stevens, University of Melbourne

Dr Jacquie Durrant

Dr Henry Reese

Alicia Cerreto, Professional historian

Kirsten McKenzie, University of Sydney

Cassandra Rodger

Dr Peter Cochrane

Kate Waters, Waters Consultancy, MPHA

Professor Philippa Mein Smith, University of Tasmania

Daniel Fleming, Macquarie University

Sandra Kearney, Flinders University

Associate Professor Andrekos Varnava, Flinders University

Rose Cullen

Claire Smith, Flinders University

Gary Jackson, Flinders University

Dr Eileen Chanin, Australian National University

Ms Diana Chessell, University of South Australia

Dr Tony Rogers

Elizabeth Di Cesare, LHS SA branch

Dr Sally Stephenson

Dr Susan Marsden, Professional Historians Association

Professor Mark McKenna, University of Sydney

Mandy Paul, History Trust of South Australia

Bronwyn Shepherd, Deakin University

Professor Bridget Griffen-Foley, Macquarie University

Dr Karen George

Alison McDougall

Roger Borland

Dr Peter Hobbins

David Bell

Susan McDonald

Susan Lapis

Andrew Deacon

Bronwyn Deakon

Dr Emilie Dotte-Sarout, Australian National University

Dr Nicole Y Chalmer

Dr Martina Muller, MPHA NSW and ACT

Associate Professor Peter Keegan, Macquarie University

Peter Ross

Dr David Faber, Flinders University

Carole Simmonds, President, Tea Tree Gully and District Historical Society Inc

Professor Mark Finnane, Griffith University

Jennifer Jorn, University of Queensland

Catherine Forge, Museums Victoria

Mary Elgar, Bridgetown Historical Society

Helen Proctor, University of Sydney

Victoria Haskins, University of Newcastle

Dianne Korare, Flinders University

Dr Shirley Fitzgerald

Jenny Wright

Dr Cameron Raynes, University of South Australia

Karen Twigg, La Trobe University and Living Histories

Richard Hunt

Richard Trembath, Federation University

Gary Osmond, University of Queensland

Roy Hay, Deakin University and Sports and Editorial Services Australia

Dr Dave Nadel

Associate Professor Jorge Knijnik, Western Sydney University

Dr Carmel Black, President Professional Historians Australia

Rebecca Carland, Museums Victoria

Dr Jatinder Mann, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr Tania Colwell, Australian National University

Professor Catherine Speck, University of Adelaide

John William Deane

Robert Hardcastle, Australian National University

Associate Lecturer Sophie Meredith, Charles Sturt University

Christopher B Yardley, ASSH and Military Historical Society of Australia

Dr Geoffrey Gray, University of Queensland

Patricia Sumerling

Dr Lucy Davies, Deakin University

Dr Ian Warren, Deakin University

Virginia Madsen, Macquarie University

Dr Jarrod Hore, Macquarie University

Dr Johanna Perheentupa, University of New South Wales

Emeritus Professor Alison Mackinnon, University of New South Wales

Professor Anne O’Brien, University of New South Wales

Emeritus Professor John Ingleson, University of New South Wales

Ms Hannah Viney, Monash University

Helen Stagg, Adelaide

Melinda Clarke

James Watson, Australian National University

Kira Sampson

Paula Hendrikx, University of Melbourne

Sianan Healy, University of Melbourne

Dr Patricia Curthoys, MPHA

Dr Bridget Brooklyn, Western Sydney University

Dr Angeline O’Neill, University of Notre Dame

Samuel Watts, University of Melbourne

Emeritus Professor Peggy Brock, Edith Cowan University

Andrew Derrington, Hindmarsh Resident’s Association Community Archive group

Tonia Chalk, University of Southern Queensland

Jack Bell, Professional historian

Dr Caroline Hubschmann, SHP

Dr Joelle Gergis, Australian National University

Dr Chris O’Brien

Honorary Fellow Dr Diana James, Australian National University and University of South Australia

Professor Trish FitzSimons, Griffith University

Dr Alison Pouliot, freelancer

Matthew Higgins

Dr Lizzie Summerfield, University of Melbourne

Norman Bennett, Vice-President Port Adelaide Historical Society

Adjunct Professor Noëlle Janaczewska, University of Queensland

Dr Johanna Kijas

Linda Evans, Macquarie University

Dr Diane Erceg

Associate Professor Adele Wessell, Southern Cross University

Dr Bernadette Hince, Australian National University

Ms Nicola Henriksson, SHP

Ms Liz Charpleix, University of New England

Gretel Evans, University of Melbourne

Dr Robyn Ballinger, History Making Pty Ltd

Bernard Z. Keo, Monash University

Dr Justine Philip, Museum Victoria

Associate Professor Don Garden, University of Melbourne

Dr K. Jan Oosthoek

Dr Sonya Duus

Emeritus Professor Jenny Hocking, Monash University

Dr Sue Feary, Heritage consultant

Executive Dean (HASS) Professor Heather Zwicker, University of Queensland

Dr Deborah Jordan, Monash University

Honorary Professor Sarah Paddle, Deakin University

Dr Johanna Conterio, Flinders University

Associate Professor Lisa Featherstone, University of Queensland

Dr Jillian Barnes, University of Newcastle

Emeritus Professor Ian Tyrrell, University of New South Wales

Nina Gallo

Dr Charmaine Robson, University of New South Wales

Judy M Fander, PHA South Australia

Robert Martin

Dr Robyn Arrowsmith

Professor Tom Brooking, University of Otago

Claire Lowrie, University of Wollongong

Dr Claire Fenby

Dr Jo Clyne

Dr Judith Buckrich, PHA

Stella M. Barber, PHA Vic Tas

Dr Robyn Mundy

Dr Meighen Katz

Paul Michell, Local Historian PHA

Anisa Puri, Monash University

Dr Aron Paul

Karen Wykes, PHA Vic & Tas

Dr John Carroll

Elizabeth Marsden

Alannah Croom

Lesley Alves, MPHA

Dr Leo Martin, Line of Sight Heritage

Dr Bill Wilson APM OAM, PHA Vic and Tas

Jo Guard

George Vanags

Caroline Evans, University of Tasmania

Natasha Joyce, PHA Vic and Tas.

Yvonne Perkins, freelance historian

Leigh McKinnon, Golden Dragon Museum

Dr Jill Wheeler

Christine Childs, PHA Vic

Helen D. Harris OAM, PHA

Dr Jillian Koshin, PHA Vic and Tas

Chris Johnston, La Trobe University

Ellen Spalding

Kathy Lothian

Dr. Lucy Davies, Deakin University

Michele Summerton, Historica

Karin Derkley

Joseph Parro

Honorary Associate Dr Michael Taffe, Federation University MPHA

Dr Mia E. M. Treacey

Georgia Meros

Margaret Bates

Claire Kearns, La Trobe University

Dr Sue Silberberg, University of Melbourne

Dr Gary Presland

Jennifer Rose

Dr Barbara Nichol

Kathy Eyles Fenner, Australian National University

Dr Heather Holst, University of New South Wales

Dr Margaret Hutchison, Australian Catholic University

Dr Kathleen Fennessy

Dr Crystal McKinnon, RMIT University

Tsari Anderson

Lisa Williams

Meg Quinlisk

Gwenda Sheridan

Professor Paul S.C. Tacon, Griffith University

Michael Ots, MPHA

Dr Louise Zarmati, University of Tasmania

Dr. Bronwyn Hughes OAM

Dr Terry Kass, Consulting Historian

Dr Michael Pearson AO

Susan Hill

Dr MacLaren North

Max Bourke AM, Founding Director Australian Heritage Commission

Robert Irving, architectural historian

C Hugh Pratten, historian and conservationist

Michal Bosworth

Denis Gojak, University of Sydney

Dr. Henriette von Holleuffer, Professional Historian

Dr Sandy Blair, University of Canberra

Dr Caroline Cosgrove

Helen Munt, Professional Historians Association WA Inc.

Dr Bruce Baskerville, University of Western Australia

Dr Brian Shepherd

Dr Leonie Liveris

Anne Yardley, Talking Histories

Dr Jan Korcek, PHA (WA)

Julia Wallis, Oral Historian

Other signatories

Professor Sue O’Connor, Australian National University

Dr Declan Kuch, University of New South Wales

Professor Iain Davidson, University of New England

Professor Robert van Krieken, University of Sydney

Ms Phillipa McGuinness, UNSW Press/NewSouth Publishing

Dr Tam Smith, The University of Queensland

Michael Lever, MAACAI MPHA, Heritage consultant

Professor Ian McNiven, Monash University

Associate Professor Annie Ross, The University of Queensland

Professor Jacqui True, Monash University

Professor Julianne Schultz AM, Griffith University

Associate Professor Janelle Stevenson, Australian National University

Dr Sean Winter, University of Western Australia

Associate Professor Martin Porr, University of Western Australia

Kathy Clark, Independent

Professor Jo McDonald, University of Western Australia

Associate Professor Leanne Weber, Monash University

Susan Arthure, Flinders University

Associate Professor Linda Williams, RMIT University

Dr Steve Brown, The University of Sydney

Professor Melodie A. McGeoch, Monash University

Colin Bright, Composer

Elizabeth Milford, Archivist

Professional Historians Association WA Inc.

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